Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance

We’re with you till you fly! We will help you in your ticket booking in advance at the most reasonable rates by our trusted agents!

At the point when you are finally prepared to fly to an extraordinary new adventure, we comprehend the small overwhelming and we are here to help you as far as possible. To guide you in preparation of what to anticipate when you finally reach your desired destination as we hold many pre-departure sessions weekly.

Our meetings will assist you to understand how to explore individual and social chances as an international student abroad.

With a number of current students studying abroad their experiences and feedback guide us to develop a checklist of important things to keep when you travel to a new country as an international student which help you to save a lot of time and hassle.

So, you just landed in your dream country, you are excited but also unaware of the further immigration processes. To tackle this in our pre-arrival sessions we will provide you complete guidance about the immigration process, customs control and how to reach your campus conveniently.

After arriving to your destination, the next important thing to do is to get a bank account. It's very convenient to have a domestic bank account which will make it easy for you to pay you accommodation charges, tuition fees and other expenses. It will also help you to get your pay if you are interested to work part-time jobs there. In our sessions, we will provide you the complete assistance about all the required documents you need, for opening a bank account.

In our sessions, we will brief you about the international learning standards, styles and classroom environments.

We will discuss on how to keep yourself within rules and regulations of student visa and assist you in finding a part-time job while studying. Part-time jobs help supplement study and living experience.

We will also provide you the opportunity to ask your queries from our Alumni and network with our current and future bright students at your study destination.

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