Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey for Pakistani Students

Studying in Turkey is a great opportunity for Pakistani students. Turkey offers quality education, affordable tuition fees, and a rich cultural experience. Many universities in Turkey have programs taught in English, making it easier for international students. Plus, living costs are lower compared to other countries. With beautiful landscapes and friendly people, Turkey is a welcoming place for students from Pakistan. If you're thinking about studying abroad, consider Turkey for a rewarding and memorable experience.

Why Study in Turkey as an International Student?

Turkey is a great place to study for many reasons. Here are some key points:

  • Tuition Fees: $2,000 to $7,000 per year.
  • Living Expenses: $400 to $700 per month.
  • Cultural Experience: Blend of Eastern and Western cultures with historic sites and vibrant lifestyle.
  • Career Opportunities: Job prospects in a strategic location and growing economy.
  • Academic Requirements: Minimum 40% in intermediate and 2.0 CGPA in bachelors.
  • Part-Time Work: Allowed.
  • English Proficiency: Certificate accepted.
  • Scholarships: Up to 50% of tuition fee.
  • English-Taught Programs: Computer Science, Data Science, Psychology, International Relations, Engineering, Fine Arts, Tourism, and Health Sciences.

Choosing to study in Turkey with Ocean1 can be a rewarding experience, offering quality education, cultural enrichment, and exciting opportunities.

Turkey Study Visa Requirements

If you're planning to study in Turkey, you'll need to get a student visa. Here's a simple guide to help you understand the requirements:

  • Acceptance letter from a Turkish university.
  • Fill out the Turkish student visa application form (available on the Turkish embassy's website).
  • Valid passport (at least six months beyond your stay in Turkey, with enough blank pages).
  • Recent passport-sized photos (usually two).
  • Proof of financial means (bank statements, scholarship letter, or sponsor’s letter).
  • Health insurance covering your stay in Turkey (international or Turkish provider).
  • Pay the visa application fee (check with the Turkish embassy for the exact amount).
  • Apply for a residence permit within 30 days of arriving in Turkey.
  • Minimum 40% required in intermediate & 2.0 CGPA in bachelors
  • Additional documents may be required (travel itinerary, proof of accommodation, police clearance certificate).

Scholarships in Turkey for Pakistani Students

Looking for scholarships in Turkey for Pakistani students? Turkey offers various scholarship programs for international students, including those from Pakistan. These scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and sometimes even monthly stipends.

To apply for scholarships in Turkey, you typically need to meet certain criteria, such as academic excellence, language proficiency, and in some cases, financial need. Each scholarship program has its own requirements and application process.

Some popular scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey include the Türkiye Scholarships, which are offered by the Turkish government, and scholarships provided by Turkish universities.

Study in Turkey without IELTS

Studying in Turkey without needing to take the IELTS exam is a great option for many international students. Turkey offers a wide range of universities and programs taught in English, making it easier for students who may not have taken the IELTS or achieved the required score to still pursue their studies abroad.

The Turkish government and universities have recognized the importance of attracting international students and have made the application process more accessible by removing the IELTS requirement for certain programs. This means that students can focus on meeting other admission requirements, such as academic qualifications and personal statements, to secure a spot at their desired Turkish university.

Cost of Living in Turkey as a Pakistani Students

Turkey is a popular destination for Pakistani students due to its affordable cost of living compared to many Western countries. Here is a breakdown of the average monthly expenses for Pakistani students studying in Turkey:

Expense Average Cost (in Turkish Lira) Average Cost (in Pakistani Rupees)
Accommodation 500-1,000 TL 13,000-26,000 PKR
Food 300-600 TL 7,800-15,600 PKR
Transportation 150-300 TL 3,900-7,800 PKR
Books and Supplies 100-200 TL 2,600-5,200 PKR
Miscellaneous 200-400 TL 5,200-10,400 PKR
Total 1,250-2,500 TL 32,500-65,200 PKR

Note: These are average costs and may vary depending on the city and lifestyle choices.

Top Universities to Study in Turkey:

Turkey offers a range of excellent universities for international students looking to study abroad. These universities provide high-quality education with a focus on practical skills and academic excellence. The country's rich history and vibrant culture also make it an attractive destination for students seeking a unique and enriching experience. Whether you're interested in engineering, business, or the arts, Turkey has something to offer for every student's academic and personal growth. Here's a list of top universities in Turkey to study:

University Location
Bogazici University Istanbul
Middle East Technical University (METU) Ankara
Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Istanbul
Bilkent University Ankara
Koc University Istanbul
Sabanci University Istanbul
Ankara University Ankara
Istanbul University Istanbul
Ege University Izmir
Hacettepe University Ankara

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The cost varies but generally includes tuition fees, living expenses, and other miscellaneous costs. On average, a Pakistani student might spend between 32,500-65,200 PKR per month.

Some universities in Turkey offer programs taught in English and may waive the IELTS requirement if you can demonstrate proficiency through other means.

Yes, international students who have completed a degree in Turkey can apply for a work permit to work in the country.

Yes, many universities in Turkey offer programs taught in English, so you can study without knowing Turkish. However, learning some Turkish can enhance your experience.