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Study in UK for Pakistani Students

Welcome to Ocean1 (Pvt.) Ltd., your consultancy for UK study in Pakistan! At Ocean1, we specialize in helping Pakistani students achieve their dreams of studying in the UK. With our expert guidance and personalized assistance, we make the process of studying abroad in the UK smooth and hassle-free for students and their families.

As one of the top destinations for international education, the UK offers a wealth of opportunities for Pakistani students and other international students to pursue their academic and career goals. Whether you're interested in obtaining a degree in business, engineering, medicine, or any other field, the UK's renowned universities and colleges provide world-class education and a multicultural learning environment, making it an ideal destination for study in the UK for international students.

Why Study in the UK From Pakistan?

Study abroad in UK from Pakistan opens up a world of opportunities. The UK has some of the best universities in the world, where you can get a top-quality education. When you study in the UK, you can learn from experienced professors, access state-of-the-art facilities, and be part of a diverse and vibrant academic community. Plus, earning a degree from a UK university can boost your career prospects and open doors to exciting job opportunities worldwide.

Studying in the UK allows you to experience a new culture, make lifelong friends, and gain valuable life skills that will benefit you both personally and professionally. Overall, studying in the UK can be an enriching and rewarding experience for Pakistani students looking to broaden their horizons and achieve their goals.

UK Study Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Here are the UK study visa requirements for Pakistani students explained in simple words:

  • Official Academic Documents.
  • Personal Statement.
  • Letters of Recommendation.
  • Resume.
  • Passport Copy.

Cost of Study in UK

The cost of studying in the UK varies depending on the type of qualification and the university or school you choose. Many prestigious universities and colleges in the UK have their own fee structures. Here is an overview of the typical costs:

Study Program Average Fee (per year)
Undergraduate bachelor's £10,000 to £20,000
Postgraduate master's £10,000 to £20,000
Doctoral £15,000 to £24,000

Please note that these are average fees and can vary depending on the institution and program.

Can We Study in the UK Without IELTS?

Thinking about studying in the UK but worried about the IELTS test? Good news! Some universities in the UK offer the option to study in UK without IELTS exam. This means you can still pursue your dreams of studying abroad in the UK without worrying about English language proficiency tests. Instead of IELTS, these universities may accept alternative language qualifications or offer English language courses to help you improve your skills while you study. It's a great opportunity for students who may find English testing challenging to still pursue their education goals in the UK.

UK Study Visa Fee from Pakistan

The fee for a UK student visa for Pakistani students is 120,578PKR. Pakistani students should apply for their student visa at least 3 months before their course starts. After applying, they'll usually get a decision within 3 weeks. If Pakistani students have dependents, they'll need to pay an extra 120,578PKR for each dependent.

Top Courses to Study in UK

Here are some courses that many people like to study in the UK:

  • Business.
  • Engineering
  • Medicine.
  • Computer Science.
  • Law.
  • Art and Design.
  • Hospitality and Tourism.
  • Science.
  • Psychology.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other courses available in the UK for people with different interests and career goals.

Scholarships to Study in UK

Scholarships are like gifts of money that you don't have to pay back. They're given to help students pay for their education. There are many UK scholarships available for Pakistani Students who want to study there. These scholarships can cover some or all of the costs of studying, like tuition fees and living expenses. They're offered by different organizations, including universities, governments, and private foundations. To apply for a scholarship, you usually need to meet certain requirements, like having good grades or demonstrating financial need. If you get a scholarship, it can make studying in the UK more affordable and accessible for you.

Here are some prominent government scholarship programs available for Pakistani students looking to study in the UK:

Scholarship Name Description
Chevening Scholarship This scholarship targets talented professionals with proven leadership skills and exceptional performance in their respective fields. Chevening offers scholarships or fellowships, with selections made by the high commission and British embassies.
Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Aimed at international students from Commonwealth countries, this scholarship provides an opportunity to pursue postgraduate degrees in the UK. It is intended for students from Commonwealth nations to study in the UK.
GREAT Scholarship Jointly funded by the UK Government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council under the Study UK campaign, this program offers 99 postgraduate scholarships across 36 UK universities in various subjects. For Pakistani students, 12 UK higher education institutions are offering 13 postgraduate scholarships.
Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT) The CWIT scholarship fund provides grants to Indian students living in India in the early or middle stages of their careers, studying or working in heritage conservation, arts, or humanities.
Scotland Saltire Scholarships Offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scottish universities, these scholarships are available in creative industries, technology, science, medical sciences, healthcare, and renewable and clean energy sectors.

Cost of Living in the UK for Pakistani Students

Living Expenses for Pakistani Students in the UK

Monthly Expenditure Estimated Cost
Utilities (electricity, gas, water) £40 - £50
Groceries and household items £160 - £200
Television license (required for TV or online BBC viewing) £12.56 (£150.50 annually)
Mobile phone expenses £15 - £50
Clothing and footwear £25
Recreation and sports (based on sports center membership) £10 - £20
Books and school supplies £21
Social activities £120
Transportation (monthly bus pass) £32
Childcare (if applicable) £656

These figures represent an estimate of the monthly expenses that Pakistani students might incur while living in the UK. It's crucial to plan and budget accordingly to manage these costs effectively.

Highest paying degrees in the UK

In the UK, certain academic qualifications can lead to more lucrative career opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • Executive MBA
  • Master's in Finance
  • LLM (Master of Laws)
  • Doctorate (PhD)

Intakes in the UK for Pakistani Students

Here are the intakes and their corresponding durations explained in simple terms:

Intake Duration Description
Autumn/Fall September - December Popular time for students to begin studies after summer break.
Spring January - April Beginning of the new academic year.
Summer April - June Another chance to begin studies in the UK during the summer months.

These intakes allow students to choose the timing that best suits their academic and personal preferences, whether they prefer starting in the autumn, spring, or summer season.

Top Universities to Study in UK

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FAQs for students considering studying in the UK:

Yes, Pakistani students can typically work part-time during their studies in the UK, usually up to 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time during holidays.

Yes, Pakistani students generally need to demonstrate proficiency in English by taking standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL, unless their previous education was conducted in English.

The processing time for a UK student visa for Pakistani students can vary, but applicants are typically advised to apply at least 3 months before their course start date. Decision times usually range from 3 weeks to a few months.

Yes, there are various scholarships and financial aid options available for Pakistani students to study in the UK, offered by universities, governments, and private organizations. Eligibility criteria and application deadlines may vary.

Pakistani students in the UK can choose from various accommodation options, including university halls of residence, private student accommodation, shared apartments, and homestays. Prices and amenities vary, so it's essential to research and plan accordingly.