Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Ocean1 provide their students the complete assistance for their visa interview at embassy. Counsellors provide a complete checklist of all the expected questions which can be asked and even organize a mockup interview test scenario which helps student to handle pressure in the official interview test.

Here are some steps which every student should follow to perform well in the test.

Step 1:
Proper Submission of application with all required documents.

Step 2:
Practice your English fluency and coherence.

Step 3:
Complete all the documentation which are essential for interview.

Step 4:
Imagine yourself successfully accomplishing your interview and achieving your visa. This will provide you with positive outlook and mental support.

Step 5:
During the interview you dedicate your full attention to the interviewer listen carefully, understand the question before answering, be specific, give short and concise answers.

Step 6:
Get extra prepare on some of the important questions e.g. Why you selected this university? What are your career goals after completing this degree? Etc.

Step 7:
Express your attachment to your home country e.g. Your job or business, your family, property you owned etc.

Step 8:
Be crystal clear that you want to come back to your home country after your studies.

Step 9:
Be calm and positive, to reflect that you are confident.

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