Study in Turkey

Recently Turkey has been building up itself as a nation by inviting international students to contribute positively to their educational arena. As a result, international student numbers have dramatically increased in the course of recent years and Turkey has become a phenomenal study destination for international students. Our students enjoy high quality education, multicultural population, joyful festivities and beautiful landscapes in this lively country.

Why Study in Turkey as an International Student?

Following are some prominent reasons behind international students preferences to study in Spain for their higher education studies:

Good Quality Education:

Turkish educational institutions are globally recognized and reputed. Education standards are professionally managed by Turkish Authorities in order to maintain the international quality of education.

Affordable Tuition Rates:

Turkey empowers domestic as well as International students to achieve good quality education at a very affordable cost.

Average Tuition Fee:

Tuition fee in Turkey can cost you around $4,000 USD - $6,000 USD Per Year.

Study in Turkey without IELTS:

Yes, its possible to study in Turkey for higher studies without IELTS as, many universities allows international students to get admission without IELTS certificate but it is required for students to show“English Proficiency Certificate” issued by their last institution with clearly stating that the last degree they studied was entirely taught in English language.


According to a study taken place in 2017 about living expenses in Turkey, the report identified that living expenses in Turkey are 44 % less than in the US.

Multicultural Environment:

The country is accurately an overpass between eastern and western culture, its landmass bestrides both Europe and Asia. The culture is quite diverse and rich. As a matter of fact, more than 30,000 international students from all around the globe visit here to study, and the numbers are continuously in growth.

Universities In Turkey

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