Study in Hungary

Hungary is another great studying abroad option for international students around the world with tons of benefits for their students.
Public universities of Hungary has gained a prominent position in many international rankings, and the degrees of following universities are globally recognized and accepted.

Why Study in Hungary as an International Student?

Following are some prominent reasons behind international students preferences to study in Hungary for their higher education studies:

Low Tuition Fee:

Tuition fee in Hungarian universities are very much bearable for international students when we compare it to other European countries.

Average Tuition Fee:

Tuition fee in Hungary can cost you around £4,000 Euro - £7,000 Euro Per Year.

Low Admission and Scholarship Competition:

The process of getting admission and partial scholarships is quite convenient in Hungary, Universities easily grant admissions to international students due to lack of domestic students.

Affordable Living cost:

Hungary is one the most affordable country when it comes to living cost. To provide a precise view lets take the estimations of “Numbeo”, living cost in Hungary almost 89% more than in Pakistan on the other hand living cost in Germany is 192% more than in Pakistan.

English Taught Programs:

Hungarian universities initiated its higher education programs in English language in order to attract international students around the world to get an opportunity to study in Hungary.

Study in Hungary without IELTS:

Indeed, its possible to study in Hungary for higher studies without IELTS as, many universities allows international students to get admission without IELTS certificate but its required for students to obtain“English Proficiency Certificate” issued by their last institution with clearly stating that the last degree they studied was entirely taught in English language.

Universities In Hungary

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