The USA is a popular destination to travel, settle down, explore, study and learn while living your best life and having fun with your mates. As a renowned study abroad consultant in Pakistan, we have observed that USA dominates the list when it comes to welcoming international students from around the globe. At the end of 2020, more than 1.1 million international students were enrolled in US universities and colleges.

The academic reputation, multicultural environment, unique curriculum and abundant opportunities to get US scholarships add up to all the reasons why you should study there.

Every student has its own motivation to study abroad in US. Many of the reasons are linked to the benefits that the international students gain while studying there.

Here are some of the many reasons to study abroad in US if you want to pursue your master's or bachelor's degree:

Flexible education system in the US

The country boasts of having a flexible education system for international students with the finest-ranked universities. They offer a plethora of courses, degrees and diplomas to choose from. The students are at liberty to select the course structure of their preference as well.

An international student has the freedom to pursue a myriad of courses to explore his area of interest. After that, he can choose the major and progress for dissertation in the second year.

We are one of the best study abroad consultants in Karachi who give flexible yet suitable options to our students. The program you choose would definitely take you closer to your career goals.

Moreover, top-ranked universities in US also offer scholarships, financial aid and bursaries to the deserving candidates for specific majors. At Ocean1, we take excellent academic performance into consideration and apply for US scholarships on their behalf.

Excellent academia reputation

The US is popular in the education sector for having more than 4000 universities and colleges. According to QS World Rankings, 352 of the 100 top universities are situated there. From decades, the US has maintained a strong presence and kept its academia reputation in check.

The educational advisors consistently work on the structure and the syllabus of the courses to prepare the international students for the tough job market out there.

The hands-on learning, clinical practices, field work, and research work alongside the mentorship of your professors will broaden your skill set as well as your knowledge.

Every US university has something special to offer- from first-class academics to a vibrant campus life, an individual gets to experience life from all aspects.

Career advancement and internship opportunities

A sure shot to kickstart your career is to obtain internship opportunities during your study tenure. This way, you get hands-on field experience and access to high-paying jobs.

Multiple-entry student visa

International students are issued multiple-entry visa through which they can visit their origin country and come back to the US within a certain time frame.

While many types of visas are issued to non-immigrants of the US, this holds much importance for international students as they often face homesickness after a certain period.

Diverse population of students

The cultural diversity in the US universities is a central attraction point for international students. Interaction with people from different ethnic backgrounds, religion and nationalities allow you to enhance your soft skills. The acceptance of different communities leaves no room for discrimination.

Sharing ideas and perspectives with other people on campus will make your student life a lot more thrilling.

Excellent support facilities for international students

Just like study abroad consultants in Karachi help you in the admission and visa filing process, the student support department of US universities prepare you through orientations, international student training classes, workshops, counselling and English language courses.

Leading edge technology

The state-of-the-art facilities and use of cutting-edge technology in research and field work allow international students to work on innovative products. The real-world working experience encourages them to take part in groundbreaking research.

Bottom Line

While there’s a lot to learn and experience in the US, the admission and visa filing process is not as easy as it sounds. Therefore, every student is advised to consult study abroad advisors in Pakistan.

Ocean1 is your only trustworthy partner if you want to study abroad in the US. We have the experience and the knowledge to guide you every step of the way- from initial counselling and bank statement preparation to final interview and accommodation.

We are not just consultants, we are your study abroad counselors!