Top 5 Countries offers Free studies for International Students around the world.

Studying at a foreign university with global recognition and a high quality of education is almost every individual's fantasy. Exploring unknown cultures, connections with new people with different traditions, unique food, and places to explore, can be one of the finest experiences one can get in a lifetime. Studying abroad as an international student can offer you all these valuable experiences and much more. But the enormous tuition fee and other living costs always act as a stumbling block.
But, not any longer! Usually, international students consider top study destinations like the USA, UK, and Australia, etc where tuition fees and living expenses are unbearable for ordinary students with fewer resources. and unconsciously ignores numerous other options available to us due to a lack of knowledge. it has been found that there are specific countries that allow domestic as well as international students to get FREE of cost studies or with a very minimal administrative cost for international students. So, we have established a list of countries which offer this opportunity to its students.

Here are Top 5 Countries which offer their international students to study almost free of cost without any tuition fee.

1- Germany

Germany is considered one of the best higher education center for international as well as domestic students with very minimal or zero tuition fee required for higher studies, with globally recognized universities, high-quality education standards, and continuous monitoring by the state authorities, Germany is one of the best study abroad destination for international students around the world. However, a minimal university administrative cost of €200-300 Euros per semester is charged, which is even less than many of the private universities' tuition fee in Pakistan.

2- Norway

Norway offers its domestic and international students to study programs like Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate level degrees without any tuition fee. Regardless of from which country you came, you can get the opportunity to study in Norwegian universities at zero cost. But they do require one thing - You should be intermediate or proficient in the Norwegian language as most of the bachelor's programs are taught in their national language. So if you are interested to get this opportunity in Norway, you better start learning their language right away.

3- Sweden

Sweden is another excellent option to study abroad as an international student for higher studies as Sweden indeed charges application and tuition fees for bachelors and masters programs from Non-EU members but if you are interested to study a Ph.D. program you don't have to pay any fee, in fact, the government will pay you stipend for your living expenses.

4- Finland

Another beautiful European country Finland allows its domestic as well as an international student to get free of cost studies for bachelor's, Masters and Post-graduate studies. Courses like Designing, Architecture, Business, etc are some of the top offered courses in Finland. The education system of the country is globally recognized and accepted.

5- Austria

Austrian Universities has very reasonable tuition fees for its international students for all levels of programs - Bachelors - Masters - Ph.D. Students just have to pay a minimal fee during their enrolment. A wide range of courses students can choose from. plus affordable cost of living makes Austria one of the best nations for an international student to study.
So, get your skates on ! Select your study abroad destination and start your process of applying to one of the free education providing countries now.