Part Time Work Opportunities in Malaysia for Pakistani Students

Work Opertunities in Malaysia

Studying in Malaysia is an exciting opportunity for international students, including those from Pakistan. Many students look for part-time jobs to support their living expenses and gain valuable work experience. In Malaysia, international students are allowed to work part-time under certain conditions. This guide will help you understand the rules, benefits, and opportunities for part-time work while you study in Malaysia.

Benefits of Part-Time Work for Pakistani Students in Malaysia

  • Extra Income
  • Work Experience
  • Skill Development
  • Networking
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Confidence Building
  • Better Time Management
  • Job Opportunities after Graduation
  • Social Interaction
  • Financial Independence

Eligibility Criteria for Part-Time Work in Malaysia

1. Student Visa Requirement

To work part-time in Malaysia, you must have a valid student visa. Ensure your visa is up-to-date and approved by Malaysian immigration.

2. Enrollment in an Accredited Institution

You need to be enrolled in a full-time course at an accredited Malaysian institution. This ensures you are a genuine student.

3. Work During Semester Breaks and Holidays

You are allowed to work part-time during semester breaks, holidays, and any period exceeding seven days of holiday. Working is not permitted during regular school days.

4. Maximum Working Hours

You can work up to 20 hours per week during the semester breaks and holidays. This limit helps ensure you balance work and studies effectively.

5. Approved Job Types

You are only allowed to work in specific job sectors, such as restaurants, petrol kiosks, mini markets, and hotels. Working in illegal or unapproved jobs is prohibited.

6. Application to Work

Before starting any part-time job, you must apply and receive approval from Malaysian immigration. This process includes submitting necessary documents and getting approval from your educational institution.

7. Age Requirement

You must be at least 18 years old to work part-time in Malaysia. This ensures that you are of legal working age.

8. Good Academic Standing

Maintaining good academic performance is crucial. Poor grades or attendance issues might affect your eligibility to work part-time.

9. Health and Fitness

You should be in good health to manage both work and studies. Some jobs may require medical fitness certificates.

By meeting these criteria, Pakistani students can work part-time in Malaysia, gaining valuable experience and earning extra income.

Types of Part-Time Jobs Available for Students

When you are a student in Malaysia, there are many part-time job opportunities. Here are some common types of part-time jobs available for students:

  • Retail Jobs
  • Food and Beverage Jobs
  • Tutoring
  • Administrative Jobs
  • Promotional Jobs
  • Freelance Jobs
  • Delivery Jobs
  • Event Staff
  • Customer Service Jobs
  • Hospitality Jobs

Legal Work Hours and Restrictions for Student Employment

As a Pakistani student in Malaysia, you can work part-time while studying. However, there are rules you need to follow.

Legal Work Hours

During semesters, you can work up to 20 hours per week. During semester breaks or holidays, you can work up to 40 hours per week.

Types of Jobs Allowed

You can work in restaurants, petrol stations, mini markets, and hotels. You cannot work as a cashier, singer, masseur, musician, guest relations officer, or any other job that is considered immoral.

Work Permit Requirements

You need a valid student visa to work part-time. Your educational institution must approve your part-time work. You must get a work permit from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.


You cannot work during exam weeks. You cannot work if you have not maintained satisfactory academic performance. You must maintain full-time student status.

Applying for a Work Permit

Submit your application through your educational institution. Provide necessary documents like your passport, student visa, and a letter from your institution.

Penalties for Violations

If you work more hours than allowed, you may face penalties, including fines or deportation. Always follow the rules to ensure a smooth and beneficial experience.

Working part-time can help you gain experience and earn extra money. Always follow the legal guidelines to avoid any issues. This simple guide helps you understand the basic rules for working part-time in Malaysia as a Pakistani student.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Malaysia?

Finding part-time jobs in Malaysia can be a rewarding experience for Pakistani students. To start your search, utilize online job portals and websites that cater to student employment. Websites like Maukerja, WOBB, and Internsheeps often have listings for part-time positions suitable for students. Networking with fellow students and professors can also lead to job opportunities, as they may know of openings or be able to recommend you to potential employers.

Finally, visit local businesses in your area, such as restaurants, cafes, and retail stores, and inquire about part-time positions. Being proactive and persistent in your job search can increase your chances of finding a suitable part-time job in Malaysia.

Work Permit and Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

For Pakistani students seeking to work part-time in Malaysia, obtaining the necessary work permit and visa is crucial. The student visa (Student Pass) issued by the Malaysian government allows students to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during semester breaks or holidays. However, students must obtain a "Permission to Work" endorsement from the Immigration Department of Malaysia before they can start working.

To apply for this endorsement, students need to submit the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A letter of acceptance from a Malaysian educational institution
  • A completed application form
  • Proof of financial capability to support themselves during their stay

It's important for students to adhere to these requirements to ensure they can legally work and study in Malaysia.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Student wages in Malaysia vary depending on the job and location, but typically range from RM 5 to RM 20 per hour for part-time work. Full-time work during semester breaks can earn higher.

Yes, international students in Malaysia are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week during semester breaks and full-time during holidays exceeding seven days.

Studying in Malaysia can be more affordable compared to many Western countries. Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and program, but are generally lower than in countries like the US, UK, or Australia. Living costs are also relatively affordable.

Yes, Malaysia offers a Post-Study Work Visa that allows graduates to stay and work in the country for up to 12 months after graduation. This visa can be extended if the graduate finds employment.