Our Director Message

Welcome to Ocean1 Pvt (Ltd)

Ocean1 has earned its outstanding reputation through its students’ successes and its dedicated professional team. With the joint efforts of our team and cooperation from our students we have become the leading overseas educational advisory in Pakistan.

Studying abroad is a vision that is usually perceived to be out of reach for students in Pakistan. However, we help them realize that no dream is too far-fetched and with us, they can attend the university of their dreams. Ocean1 stands out for prioritizing its students’ requirements and providing them with customized plans. In order to make as many options available to our student body, we deal in 18+ countries with a variety of educational programs and convenient fee structures.

Studying abroad gives a phenomenal experience to students, they learn to comprehend the ups and downs of life in a positive manner which enables them to help their community massively once they’re back. These students come in with fresh ideas and have groundbreaking ways of implementing these ideas. We encourage these students to return after their education and work for the betterment of our economy and our society. Keeping our core values as a stepping stone, we plan on expanding further to different locations inter-city as well as country wide.

M. Ammad Uddin